Dubai Customs Honors Graduates from Collaborative Programs with University of Dubai

June 10, 2024

Driving Future Leadership
Dubai Customs Honors Graduates from Collaborative Programs with University of Dubai

Dubai Customs celebrated the graduation of 46 employees from its training programs, including "Customs Leadership," "Bachelor in Customs and Supply Chain," "Promising Customs Leaders," "Future Services Diploma," and "Master of Science in Data Science." His Excellency Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Executive Director, Human Resources Division at Dubai Customs, Hazel Jackson, Chief Executive of Biz Group, attended the event along with several executive directors, heads of departments, and graduates.

During the ceremony, Al Ghaffari emphasized Dubai Customs' strategy and future plans to develop its human resources through specialized training courses, enabling self-development and acquiring new skills to enhance productivity. He highlighted Dubai Customs’ reliance on specialized training programs as a work methodology to enhance employees' functional capacities and provide opportunities for them to benefit from others' experiences and acquire diverse skills, facilitating their self-improvement.

He also pointed out Dubai Customs' continuous endeavor to invest in its employees by exploring various training opportunities to keep them abreast of commercial market trends, logistic work, and technological advancements in future services. This provides our employees with a competitive edge in the job market to align with Dubai's economic agenda, aiming for sustainable economic growth to double the GDP by 2033, making Dubai the fastest-growing and safest city globally.

Dr. Bastaki expressed his pleasure at graduating a cohort from the Future Leadership Program at Dubai Customs, executed in collaboration with the University of Dubai through the Executive Development Center. He highlighted the program's comprehensive approach covering all aspects of strategic leadership designed for Dubai Customs, with faculty members and multi-disciplinary professionals to provide employees with maximum knowledge and practice through various educational experiences, including workshops, case studies, and interactive sessions. He praised the strategic partnership with Dubai Customs in various specialized programs, notably the Supply Chain and Customs.

Hazel Jackson, drawing from her 30 years of experience in the field, emphasized that leaders are rarely born but made through supporting, refining, and showcasing their skills and abilities, whether in personal or professional life. She addressed the graduates, stating that they are fortunate leaders who joined an institution that invests in its team and enhances learning opportunities through new patterns and methodologies.

Al Ghaffari, Al Bastaki and Jackson participated in honoring the graduates, wishing them excellence and academic success along with various fields including innovation leadership, logistics, to prepare them for a new stage in their lives, enabling them to be change-makers and contribute to building a brighter future.