Service Description


Request Client Clearance Certificate

This service provides customers to obtain:
  • Clearance Certificate - Termination
  • Clearance Certificate - For company records
  • Clearance Certificate - Change ownership
  • Clearance Certificate - Add Partner
  • Clearance Certificate - Business Code Cancellation
Service Delivery Procedure:
  1. Submit the application through all available channels
  2. Pay service fees
  3. Receive the certificate
Service Delivery Time:
Available around the clock
Service Fees:
AED 100.00
AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees will be added on top of any service costs AED 50 and above
Required Documents:
  • Letter from the company that state the customer business code
  • Passport copy of the owner or authorized person

If license owner is not available, the following will be required: Power of Attorney, Shared Certificate, or Letter from License Authority

Service Completion Time:
10 Working Days Minimum
Terms and Conditions:
AED 3,000 will be added in case customs audit is required (customs transaction available)