Customs Clearance

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This service allows customers to declare and obtain clearance for the movement of goods in and out of the emirate of Dubai under the following regimes:
  1. Import
  2. Export
  3. Transit
  4. Transfer
  5. Temporary Admission

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This service allows cargo handlers to request to move consolidated cargo to their customs controlled premises for de-consolidation further release subject to subsequent customs declaration clearance

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This service allows customers to book for scheduling Customs inspection for their cargo

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This service allows carriers/agents to submit Cargo Information (Documents, Manifest,..etc.) to Dubai Customs

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This service allows customers to extend the period of temporary admission of goods for an additional period according to the terms and conditions

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This service allows sharing information with Dubai Customs for public safety and help exposing corruption, suspicious activities or malpractices. It encourages community members to help Dubai Customs in maintaining the security and stability of society. The Identity of the submitter is kept secret according with the regulations of Dubai Customs

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This service provides recommendations and technical opinions to customers through a competent work teams in several areas and as per customer needs.

The focus of these recommendations and technical opinions covers the below areas:

  • Customs Valuation
  • Customs Tariff
  • Origin and Economic Agreements
  • Suspended Customs Duties
  • Prohibited and Restricted Goods
  • Customs Notices

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This service allows customers to appeal any decision issued by Dubai Customs.
This service is the first step to be followed in order to find a way to object a decision, customer can appeal to resolve any dispute in the following areas:

  • Appeal Decisions on Customs Tariff
  • Appeal Restricted and Prohibited Goods
  • Appeal Decisions on Origin and Economic Agreements
  • Appeal Decisions on Legal Cases
  • Appeal Decisions on Suspended Duties
  • Appeal Decisions on Customs Valuation

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This service provides the ability to request for a classification of a commodity according to the unified customs tariff of the GCC countries