Service Description


Request Cargo Transfer

This service allows cargo handlers to request to move consolidated cargo to their customs controlled premises for de-consolidation further release subject to subsequent customs declaration clearance

Service Delivery Procedure:
  1. Submit the application through all available channels
  2. Pay service fees
  3. Receive a notification of accomplishment
Service Delivery Time:
Available around the clock
Service Fees:
AED 100 (different location)
AED 40 (same location)
AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees will be added on top of any service costs AED 50 and above
Required Documents:
Service Completion Time:
Terms and Conditions:
  • In the case of visiting the Center, the scope of the amendment request is limited to the sub-policies
  • In case of visiting the Center, the scope of the Cancellation request is limited to ATA (Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) Carnet