Frequently asked question(s)

A license holder should obtain a Customs Business Code. An appropriate declaration should be submitted using the business code for customs clearance. In the case of Free Zone company, an appropriate customs declaration should be processed for sale of goods to mainland.
Some goods require special approval from restricted authorities, so these approvals must be issued for the goods to be released, and the approvals must be submitted along with the other required documents to the customs authorities to complete the customs clearance.

  • Any company having a Customs business code can submit the Customs declaration for clearance
  • Agents holding a Dubai Economic Department Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) license may also clear cargo on behalf of consignees provided they have obtained Customs business code and have authorization from the owner of the goods to submit Customs declaration​

The entity bringing goods for Temporary purpose should have obtained a Customs business code based on their license issued by the concerned mainland entity.
Customs declaration for Temporary admission should be submitted with the reason for temporary admission of the goods. A deposit equivalent to Customs duty will be applicable according to the Customs tariff on the item which will be refunded upon re-exportation of the goods within the timelines allotted for Temporary admission (Refer relevant Customs Policy on Temporary admission for details)
In case the goods are covered under ATA carnet, then no deposit is applicable. The timeline of temporary admission for ATA carnet will be 6 months or until the validity of the ATA carnet whichever is lesser.
For more details on ATA carnet contact 800-CHAMBER

Though business statistics are available on our website and, but any specific report can be requested by using our service “Request Trade Statistics Report”​​

  • Gifts whose value does not exceed AED3,000.
  • The Number of cigarettes should not exceed (400) cigarettes, (50) cigars, (500) grams of tobacco (minced or pressed for pipes), minced or pressed tobacco for smoking, tobacco or mild-tasting tobacco. Exceeding the above will be dutiable.
  • The amount of alcoholic beverages and beers should not exceed 4 liters of alcohol beverages, or 2 cartons of beer (each consisting of 24 cans, not exceeding 355 ml for each can or its equivalent).

5% of the value CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) value except for alcohol and cigarettes. 50% Duty payable for alcohol while 100% for cigarettes.

Ministry of Information/Department of Information controls the import of print and visual media articles Like books, CDS, VCDs. The articles/items will be released ONLY after inspecting/censuring it to the importer. Normally anything which contradict with the values, tradition and morality of the land will be banned

Rough diamond industrial or non-industrial are duty exempted but the company is required to provide the K.P Certificate (Kimberly Process). Note that the shipment should have the K.P Certificate if not then the shipment will be impounded. Loose diamond is duty free Loose color gems stones diamond is dutiable 5% on the CIF value.

  • Passenger cannot carry medicines even if it is for personal use in bulk quantity. It may be impounded and can be a criminal case.
  • Prescription from the doctor to bring the drugs with you only for the period you are going to stay at Dubai.
  • It may require a special permission from the Ministry of health to carry more than convincible quantity of medicines.
  • As per customs rule all type of medicines subject to approve by Ministry of Health and Medical Services, for this reason if any medicines are hand carried customs refer to Ministry of Health if ministry disapprove then such medicines are detained. For all detained items customs issue detain slips. You can also take approval from Ministry of Health with doctor’s prescription and take stamp of ministry on the detain slip for release of items
Documents required importing shipments:
  • Export Company's origin Invoices with their stamp and signature.
  • Packing list (quantity & packing).
  • A list of studding details of jewelry.