Dubai Customs Receives Endorsements for 5 Innovations from the Global Innovation Institute 

In an unprecedented achievement, Dubai Customs received endorsements from the Global Innovation Institute (GInI) for 5 innovations in Customs domain. Four innovations were endorsed at the Tier 3 (the highest level) as transformational innovation that creates value for all stakeholders. The fifth innovation was endorsed at Tier 1 that innovates internal processes and services.

Dubai Customs became the first Customs Administration globally and the first government entity in the MENA region to be awarded the highest certification level as “Certified Innovative Organization - Leader Level” (CInOrg) from the Global Innovation Institute.

The Certified Innovative Organization is a certification reserved exclusively for businesses and government agencies. Through a process of third-party assessment (audit), the CInOrg establishes that an organization has achieved and demonstrated a certain level of maturity and capability for pursuing short, medium, and long-term innovation and growth. This distinguishes an organization among its peers and competitors as being capable of delivering next-generation value and market-leading customer experiences to its markets. GInI is the world’s leading professional certification, accreditation, and membership association in the field of innovation.

Hussam Juma, Director of Service Innovation Department and the Leader of the Innovation Team in Dubai Customs stated that “These notable certifications and endorsements distinguish Dubai Customs among its competitors as being capable of delivering leading-edge innovations and customer experiences to its markets,”. He added “Innovation is a priority at Dubai Customs and it is part of the organizational culture. This provides a competitive advantage to Dubai Customs and allows it to hold a pivotal position in the global trade supply chain.” 

Consultant Bag

The World's First Customs Training and Explosives Suitcase is a smart suitcase fully equipped with very advanced devices and cameras which contains samples of explosive materials and weaponry. The remote controlled suitcase can help detect explosives and at the same time complete customs clearance. 


The first customs vehicle from Masdar that runs on clean energy (electricity and solar power). It can complete clearance procedures and move through tight spaces to ensure smoother clearance saving much time and effort. 

Mirsal 2

The in-house developed electronic platform is an ultimate world class solution for presenting declarations and completing clearance procedures including valuations and collection of customs fees. It allows for prior clearance of goods electronically via the internet without the need to submit any papers in less than 2 minutes and waiting for the arrival of goods, thus saving time, effort and money for the customers of our organization. 

Mirsal 2 has not only developed into one of the most modern high-tech customs platforms but has also been integrated with the Dubai trading facilitation platform.

Robotic Audit

Dubai Customs relies on the most advanced technologies and smart digital platforms to ensure best world-class services delivered to its clients worldwide. For that, Dubai Customs implemented an automatic auditing project that minimizes auditing time through elimination of repetitive procedures. 

Cross Border E-commerce Platform using Blockchain

Dubai Customs’ Cross Border e-Commerce platform, the new Blockchain based project, is the first of its kind in the region and it aims to help the emirate become a global hub for e-commerce and encourage e-commerce companies set their businesses in Dubai.

The project, which was piloted in September 2019, comprises two phases. The first phase was the Blockchain platform to facilitate e-commerce export transactions through couriers and was completed last September. The second phase will facilitate e-commerce import, declaration consolidation and automated refunds, and reduce fees and charges in addition to onboarding of Logistics companies on platform.

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