Dubai Customs urges traders to complete VAT registration with FTA

December 28, 2017

Dubai Customs has called upon all businesses that meet value-added tax (VAT) registration conditions to complete the registration procedures required by the Federal Tax Authority and obtain their Tax Registration Number (TRN).
In a recent Customs Notice, Dubai Customs advised that, for the purpose of customs declarations clearance and release of imported goods, VAT-registered businesses with a TRN shall have their imported goods cleared directly according to the customs procedures in force along with the completion of tax procedures as per the Federal Tax Authority.
For non-VAT registered businesses, their imported goods shall be cleared upon completing tax procedures with the Federal Tax Authority and payment of due tax can be conveniently processed on their behalf by authorised customs brokers.
The procedure is in line with Dubai Customs’ strategic objectives for more efficient control and facilitation of trade and ensuring faster and smoother clearance of goods which will further boost the flow of goods across Dubai’ borders.
“Dubai Customs is committed to collaborating with the Federal Tax Authority to enable our clients and trading businesses to complete the required tax registration procedures for VAT purposes in the best conditions so as to ensure the streamlined and easy release of their imported goods,” said Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs.
Our ultimate goal at Dubai Customs is to facilitate a smooth implementation of value-added tax in the UAE starting January 1st, 2018 without affecting the flow of customs clearance process and so the interests of external trade and business, he added.
Dubai Customs constantly keeps traders and the business community informed of all updates relating to customs clearance policies and procedures to ensure delivery of timely customs services and efficient use of facilities it provides.