Proactive measures at DXB Airport to facilitate pilgrims’ arrival: Dubai Customs

July 06, 2022



Dubai Customs revealed they have made all arrangements to ensure pleasant and safe trip for all pilgrims returning from the Holy Land through Dubai International Airport.  A work plan has been set up to receive the pilgrims, as well as those returning from summer vacations and travelers coming to the country through Dubai airports.




Speaking about Dubai Customs’ preparations, Ibrahim Al-Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department, confirmed that the plan included increasing the number of inspectors on duty around the clock during the period of pilgrims’ return. In total, there are 822 inspectors, 77 inspection devices (58 for bigger luggage and 19 for smaller bags).


A dedicated express inspection lane will be opened for pilgrims to ensure speedy customs procedures for them. Pilgrims will have dedicated exit gates so that they do not mix with the rest of the arriving passengers in the customs inspection hall.


Al-Kamali added that Dubai Customs participated in the meeting at Dubai airports with other various strategic authorities to find out the ongoing preparations by all parties, and arrange efforts.


The expected challenges for the current pilgrimage and holiday season were discussed between different parties.

Dubai Customs will receive the pilgrims at the airport with token gifts, which will be distributed by a number of volunteers.