Dubai Customs Secures Prestigious ISO Certification for Unwavering Business Continuity amidst Crises

May 13, 2024

Dubai Customs Secures Prestigious ISO Certification for Unwavering Business Continuity amidst Crises

Dubai Customs has been awarded a Business Continuity Certificate according to ISO 22301:2019 standards, owing to its established mechanisms for ongoing institutional resilience enhancement. This endeavor aims to ensure the sustained provision of business operations and services with optimal efficiency, swiftly responding to disruptions during crises and emergencies, thereby minimizing adverse crisis impacts. The department achieves this through comprehensive risk comprehension, priority delineation, and the presence of an integrated emergency and crisis management team.

Rashid Al-Sharid, Executive Director, Finance and Administration Division, received the certificate from Eng. Nizar Bashaireh, CEO of Global Business Bureau, at the department's main headquarters in Rashid Port.

During discussions, Al-Sharid stressed Dubai Customs' dedication to upholding operational continuity and efficiency, catering to all stakeholders' needs while ensuring sustainable readiness through efficient customs business continuity. This encompasses customs clearance, declaration processing, and inspection operations at customs centers across Dubai. Notably, this commitment was evident during recent weather disturbances in the UAE, prompting remote work arrangements for non-essential staff while maintaining 24/7 services and essential functions that require on-site presence. Similarly, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai Customs' clients could seamlessly conduct transactions round the clock from any location, facilitated by advanced work mechanisms and programs under a robust technological and security system aimed at safeguarding the economy and society. This underscores Dubai Customs' vision of becoming a leading and sustainable global customs entity.

Additionally, Samira Abdulrazzaq, Head of Corporate Governance and Quality Assurance at Dubai Customs, affirmed the department's capability to uphold service continuity within predefined timeframes during emergencies causing service disruptions. She highlighted Dubai Customs' adherence to standards aimed at efficiently maintaining customs services continuity and managing potential risks that may lead to service interruptions. The department further focuses on developing effective action plans for swift response and service restoration in unavoidable interruption scenarios.