Dubai Customs organizes workshop on intellectual property role in regulating and controlling commercial agencies

September 27, 2022

The IPR Department at Dubai Customs organized a workshop on the role of protecting intellectual property rights in controlling and managing commercial agencies in the emirate. Attended by 42 inspection officers, the workshop covered all aspects of commercial agencies and rules that govern them. 

The presentation delivered at the workshop touched upon the customs measures and guidelines applied by Dubai Customs to control and manage commercial agencies after they are registered with the Government Department, and the procedures followed to resolve any commercial agency disputes. 

“Given the importance of implementing the commercial agencies law in the UAE, which helps preserve the rights of these agencies in the country, the IPR Department organized this workshop to raise awareness and share the knowledge with the customs inspectors,” said Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department. We organize these workshops as part of our efforts to fight counterfeit goods and protect the rights of trademark owners; thus contributing to the national sustainable development.” 

On his part, Mohammed bin Nasir, Manager of IP Dispute Section said; “The workshops we organize aim to assist customs inspectors to tackle infringements of intellectual property rights of commercial agencies. Car commercial agencies are the main beneficiaries of Dubai Customs IPR protective efforts. The commercial agency gives them the right to trade the makes of cars for which they have the commercial rights. We will continue our efforts in this regard to ensure full protection of intellectual property in all trade sectors. It is imperative that we fight counterfeit goods and prevent their entry into the country”.

Last year, the IPR Department organized 10 workshops in cooperation with trademark owners, in addition to 11 awareness events that targeted school and university students, and 8 community awareness activities, bringing the total to 29 initiatives attended by 2,413 participants from different society segments.