Hatta school students learn about Dubai Customs role and vision

September 24, 2022

Hatta Border Crossing Customs Center joined the students in their back to school day by visiting Hatta Elementary School. The Center explained to the students, in a simple way, the role Dubai Customs plays in facilitating legitimate trade and securing the borders. At the end of the visit, gifts were distributed to the students.

“Dubai Customs pays great attention to raising awareness among the younger generation around customs work and role, and teaching them about the importance of intellectual property rights,” said Hamad Kajour, Director of Hatta Border Crossing Customs Center. “Dubai Customs cooperates with different government and private entities to launch new initiatives that encourage the students to start the new academic year off on a positive note, and which enhances the values of belonging to their homeland. 

Dubai Customs organized114 social and charitable initiatives in H1, 2022, which targeted 70,000 people of different society segments. The Government Department invested its resources and capabilities to enhance the values of social responsibility in support of its strategic plan through cooperation with its strategic partners.