​Goods accompanying the passengers shall:

Excess quantity and value

  1. Be subject for Customs duty to the quantity and value in excess of exemption as stated above Exemption Conditions where no customs duty is paid, excess quantity shall be detained and a detained receipt will be issued to pay the required duty within 30 days from the arrival date. Extending detention period is possible upon the passenger’s request and approval by Head of the Customs Center or his representative for another 30 days to clear the goods by paying the duty.
  2. If the prescribed period described above is elapsed, the goods will be moved to the auction shed to be sold in the public auction held by Dubai Customs.

Cash Amounts Declaration
All passengers arriving in the country are to declare the cash amounts in their possession, which exceed 60,000 AED or any other equivalent amount of currencies and traveler’s cheques by filling the declaration form; and any passenger whose age is less than 18 years old, should not be allowed to carry the amounts exceeding the aforementioned limit, and the amounts in his/her possession shall be added to the allowed limit of his/her legal guardian if he/she accompanies him/her.
Medicines for Personal Use
Passengers (resident and non resident) can bring into the country a maximum of three months supply of medicine, for their personal use and an original prescription must be enclosed (stamped and signed by official embassy of UAE in the country of origin, with details of the patient, description of the disease ...etc) of registered medical practitioner. All the medications should be in original packaging and not expired. No psychotropic medicines are allowed without prior approval from the Ministry of Health (http://www.moh.gov.ae/ (This link will open an external website in a new window)) even for personal use, in small quantity and/or with prescription. Seizure of such medicines will be punishable by law.
Pet Rule
Importing pets or domestic animals like cats and dogs requires import permit from the Ministry of Environment and Water in advance and requires filling an online application (http://www.moew.gov.ae/ (This link will open an external website in a new window)).