Social Accountability SA8000

Social Accountability Policy 

Dubai Customs, in accordance with its vision & mission, is committed to manage its activities in an ethical manner and to continuously improve the conditions of service of its employees and the life of the community it serves.
Dubai Customs believes that human resources are its main base, accordingly decided to implement a comprehensive social accountability system for managing ethical workplace conditions and shall strive to continuously improve its social performance through:
  • Conforming to all the requirements of SA 8000 Standards
  • Complying with all existing local and federal applicable legislation and approved codes and practice
  • Not to engage and/or support the use of child labor & forced labor.
  • Ensure no discrimination on basis of gender/nationality/race/religion /disability.
  • Improve health and safety at the workplace
  • Providing appropriate training for all employees to adopt social best practice.
  • Encouraging our suppliers and contractors to follow the norms laid down by SA-8000
Dubai Customs shall review this policy on regular basis and shall ensure that it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization and is readily available to the public.
Ahmed Butti Ahmed
Director General

Social Accountability Policy
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