Join Authorized Economic Operator Program


Service Name Join Authorized Economic Operator Program

This service enables the registered customers to join the AEO program and receive various incentive subject to their compliance with AEO criteria and certification

Relationship Type
From Government to Business
Service Type Transactional
Service Hierarchy Sub Service
Service Interconnection
Service Limitation N/A
Service Delivery Procedure

1-Submit application to Join Authorized Economic Operator Program
2-Complete the requirements  for joining the program
3-Receive notification and certificate of Joining the  Program

Service Delivery Time

Available around the clock

Service Delivery Channel

Mobile Web

Target Category
Service Fees

No fees

Service Completion Time
3 Months
Required Documents
  • List of executive management and board members (stating names, roles, passport or UAE ID number)
  • Ownership (stating names, passport or UAE ID number)
Terms and Conditions
The applicant is a legal entity involved in customs related activities or as part of the international supply chain
Conducts business in UAE and has a Customs Business Code
The Applicant or its senior executive management must not have been convicted in court for a serious criminal offence linked to economic activities within three years of the application date
The Applicant must not have had a previous AEO status revoked by Customs within three years prior to applying in Dubai.
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