Appeal on Customs Decision


Service Name : Appeal on Customs Decision
Service Description :
  • This service allows customers the opportunity to appeal any decision issued by Dubai Customs that does not fulfill their needs.
  • This service is the first step to be followed in order to find a way to challenge the decision provided by customs.
  • The customer can submit a request to appeal to resolve any issue in the following areas:
  • • Appeal Decisions on Customs Tariff and Prohibited and Restricted Goods
  • • Appeal Decisions on Origin and Economic Agreements
  • • Appeal Decisions on Legal Cases
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Pre-Requisites for services : The following information is required to obtain this service
  • NA
Documents Required : The following documents are required to obtain this service
  • Customs Declaration
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Invoice Bill
  • Bill of Lading
  • Inspection Report-if exists
  • Catalogs
  • Samples
  • Analytical composition of the chemicals -Datasheet-
  • Industrial License
Service Delivery Channels :
Service Delivery Locations : NA
Support Services:
Tel: 800 800 80

​Less than 2 Hours

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