Request Customs Inspection Cancellation


Service Name Request Customs Inspection Cancellation

This service allows clients to cancel their scheduled Customs inspection booking

Relationship Type
From Government to Business 
From Government to Individuals
Service Type Transactional
Service Hierarchy Supplementary
Service Interconnection N/A
Service Limitation N/A
Service Delivery Procedure
1.Submit the application through all available channels
2.Receive notification of cancellation
Service Delivery Time
Available around the clock (Online and Mobile Web)
Refer to service delivery centers working hours’ time table
Service Delivery Channel
Customs Center 
Website (Companies)
Mobile Web (Companies)
Target Category
Service Fees

No fees

Service Completion Time
2 Working Hours
Required Documents


Terms and Conditions
Customs may demand uploading of certain documents

Original fee paid may not be re-funded upon Cancellation
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