Submit Customs Declaration

Service Name : Submit Customs Declaration
Service Description :
  • This service allows the client to declare and obtain clearance for the movement of goods in and out of the emirate of Dubai under the following regimes:
  • 1.Import
  • 2.Export
  • 3.Transit
  • 4.Transfer
  • 5.Temporary Admission
eService Link :
Pre-Requisites for services : The following information is required to obtain this service
  • Register in mirsal 2
Documents Required : The following documents are required to obtain this service
  • • Invoice
  • • Packing list
  • • Certificate of Origin
  • • Delivery order
  • • Bill of Lading/Airwaybill
  • * Document requirements vary according to regime types and cargo channel, refer to customer guide for more details
Service Delivery Channels :
Service Delivery Locations : NA
Support Services:
Tel: 800 800 80

​Within 6 Hours

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