Record Trade Mark


Service Name : Record Trade Mark
Service Description :
  • This service allows the record of a trademark (any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination), used, or intended to be used, in trade, to identify and distinguish the brand from that of other providers , and to indicate the source of the brand.
  • This service allows the maintenance of Customs database for intellectual property rights after the completion of necessary procedures and prior registration with the Ministry of Economy.
  • Clients must request this service by filling out a Trademark record form and submit it, to the office of intellectual property rights along with the assessed record fees.
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Pre-Requisites for services : The following information is required to obtain this service
  • NA
Documents Required : The following documents are required to obtain this service
  • 1.copy of a valid trademark registration issued by the comopetent authority
  • 2. A translated copy of the agency agreement
  • 3. A CD containing the latest details and features of the brand.
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Service Delivery Locations : NA
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Tel: 800 800 80

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