Request Trade Mark Recording


Service Name Request Trade Mark Recording

This service allows the Trademark Owners to record their registered Trade mark and Copy Right which are pre-recorded in the Ministry of Economy for the Customs protection. Such recording allows the customers to file complaints with specific information on violating imports by any unauthorized importers

Relationship Type

From Government to Business
From Government to Individuals

Service Type Transactional
Service Hierarchy Sub Service
Service Interconnection
Service Limitation N/A
Service Delivery Procedure
1-Submit the application through all available channels
2-Pay service fees
3-Receive the certificate
Service Delivery Time

Available around the clock (Online and Mobile Web)
Refer to customer happiness centers working hours (Center)

Service Delivery Channel
Port Rashid Center - IPR Department
Mobile Web
Target Category
Service Fees
AED 200.00
AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees will be added on top of any service costs AED 50 and above
Service Completion Time
2 Working Hours
Required Documents
  • A valid copy of the trademark registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy
  • A duly authenticated and translated copy of the Power of Attorney
Terms and Conditions


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