Tawazun Program

​​​​ TAWAZUN program
​​​ TAWAZUN.. Dubai Customs Employee Assistance Program

As part of our commitment to ensuring employee happiness and wellbeing, Dubai Customs has introduced TAWAZUN (Balance) program that provides full psychiatry support and counselling to employees and responds to their psychological needs. The objective is to promote mental, emotional and social health at work, which in turn helps achieve the right work-life balance for all.

The program is focused on:
  • Promoting corporate awareness of the importance of employee mental and social health.
  • Enabling staff to find the right work-life balance while offering them the necessary mental and psychological assistance.
  • Fostering physical, mental and social wellbeing at work.
  • Ensuring alignment between corporate, job objectives and employee’s personal aspirations.

The Dubai Customs Employee Assistance Program – TAWAZUN – has been introduced in cooperation with LifeWorks, a mental health care center specialized in offering psychological, emotional and social counselling support. DC employees can reach out to the center and avail free psychology, counselling and psychiatry support (4 free consultations for each employee), or get 30% discount on paid services used by their first-degree relatives (spouses, parents and children) after consuming the free consultations.