Dubai Customs Sustainability Report for the year 2010 is the annual publication detailing our economic, social, and environmental activities and performance. It shares our engagement with stakeholders and addresses the social and environmental impacts that are pertinent to our business in 2010.

The report focuses on our principal business as a public service organization. Moreover, it describes our activities, which take into consideration the well-being of the community and environment in which we operate.

In the past year, we have focused on making further progress and improvements in our environmental and social performance. In particular, much effort and success has been achieved in the latter, especially in the area of community initiatives. We have also incorporated the SA8000 and AA1000 systems across the Company to further integrate CSR into our business. This is the Company’s first dedicated report on sustainability. Dubai Customs is voluntarily disclosing the information as we respect and uphold the principle of corporate transparency and open communication.

As part of our environmental conservation efforts, only a limited number of copies of this report have been printed. However, for more information about Dubai Customs’ sustainability performance, please download our sustainability report here: 

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