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Dubai Customs Training Center Hosts Delegation from MOHESR and University of Dubai 



Dubai Customs Training Center hosted a delegation from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and the University of Dubai. The visit was aimed at evaluating the two-year accredited Diploma in Supply Chain, Logistics and Customs leading to a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Dubai. This program was carried out following an agreement signed between Dubai Customs and the University of Dubai in May 2015, to develop the capabilities of DC personnel in customs and logistics and prepare customs specialists to be the first academically qualified specialists in the GCC states.  

The delegation was  received by Khalid Mohamed Al Suwaidi, Director of Customs Training Center Support Services, who made a brief presentation about the Diploma and Bachelor Program; highlighting its importance to DC, local and regional customs, and the involved students. The evaluators and the Customs Training Center considered the potential obstacles to the program and the possibility to attract international students to enroll in this program at the University of Dubai, hoping to expand the program in the future so that masters and PHD degrees can be included. They also ensured the importance of collaborating with The World Customs Organization (WCO) in this respect.

In a special meeting held with the program participants, the evaluators praised the efforts and the distinguished capabilities of the participants to pass the introductory program. The evaluators also hailed the great ambitions and endeavors of the participants to obtain the knowledge needed to develop the UAE customs sector. The outstanding role played by the customs specialists to develop Dubai Customs’ human resources was also recognized.
The Delegation was also introduced to the facilitations provided by the Customs Training Center, helping to achieve the awaited success. Among those facilitations are the customs library, lecture rooms, electronic devices and trainers. Dr. Shaikha Al Gafri, a Senior Manager at the Training Center attended this event, along with Dr. William Will, a Commissioner of the CAA at UAE Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Prof. Duncan Lewis, a Chair of CAA Review Team, and Dr. Daniel Evans, a CAA Review Team Member. From the University of Dubai, the meeting was attended by Prof. Ananth Rao, an Academic Advisor to President, Dr. Geoffrey Gachino, an Acting Provost, Dr. Arijit Bhattacharya, an Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Logistics & Customs, Dr. Abdallah Hasan Alalawin, an Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Logistics & Customs, Mr. Mohan Ramdas, an Executive at the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Mr. S Nanda Gopal, an Adjunct Faculty, and Dr. Vidya Nanda Gopal, Director of the Center for Executive Development.