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Strategy & Corporate Excellence Department hosts a delegation from Roads and Transport Authority to brief them on the Suggestion Development Program 



The Suggestion & Complaint Section of the Strategy & Corporate Excellence Department in Dubai Customs (DC) has hosted a delegation from the Suggestion Department of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai. The visiting delegation learned about DC’s pioneering Corporate Suggestion System. Hussain Al-Fardan, Manager of Suggestion & Complaint Section in DC, welcomed the delegation, which comprised Mona Omar Al-Zarouny, Director of Suggestion Department, and Faysal Muhammed Abdulkareem, Senior Analyst at the same department.

Al-Fardan delivered a presentation about DC’s experience in stimulating innovation and creativity and encouraging employees to share their ideas and suggestions, in order to develop the overall performance. The presentation included an illustration to all parameters for employees’ suggestions and the rewards DC had won in the field of ideas and suggestions. Moreover, the presentation indicated the positive influence of Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis initiative and its role in encouraging DC employees to share their new ideas and suggestions with the Majlis to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Emirate of Dubai.