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Delegation from Ajman Ports and Customs Department learns about Risk Engine System in DC 




The Customs Intelligence Department in DC has received a delegation from Ajman Ports and Customs Department. The visit’s aim was to learn about the systems supportive to customs work in DC, such as “Risk Engine System,” which had been developed in DC in order to protect the community from prohibited and fake materials. It is an early warning system that aims at reducing the waste in government resources. The system also deals with operational risks and their relevant control procedures. Internal and external bodies provide the system with information; then, the Intelligence Department gathers, categorizes and analyzes such information and concludes certain risks and enters them into the system, which in turn prohibits transactions that match the defined risks.
The Government Partnership Section of the Corporate Communication Department has coordinated the visit. Meanwhile, Saleh Al-Shamsi, Risk Building Section Manager, Ahmed Saleh Al Ali, acting Information Analysis Section Manager, welcomed the visiting delegation, which comprised Ali Al-Tamimi, Director of Customs Affairs Department, Sheikh Mohammed Khaled Al-Qasimi, Customs Relation Department Manager, Haytham Maan, Support Technician, and Mona Al-Amiri, Risk Executive.
The visiting delegation was briefed on the work mechanism and the systems applied at the Customs Intelligence Department and the intelligence cycle, which includes receiving and collecting information, analyzing and evaluating them on the level of security and customs work, and taking the necessary action, including sharing them with partners or entering them into the Risk Engine System, which is used by DC to monitor the unauthorized freights.
At the end of the visit, members of the visiting delegation thanked DC for the warm reception, useful information they had learned, and enabling them to acquaint with the customs systems distinguishing DC work.