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Dubai Customs Finance Department receives Delegation from Department of Finance of Government of Dubai  

​The Finance Department of Dubai Customs received delegation from the Department of Finance of the Government of Dubai to discuss issues relating to the automated transfer of customs duties "set-off". During the visit, the participants considered many issues including the initial application of direct automated transfer of customs duties in the UAE on 27 September 2015; the mechanism for collecting payable duties within 30 days; the mechanism for transferring payable duties to the Federal Customs Authority within 21 days; the new customs system; review of applicable financial procedures; and coordination between both departments with reference to approval of the GCC claims.
The delegation was received by Mr. Mohammad Al Hashimi, the Finance Director; Mr. Saied Al-Bannai, the Senior Accounts Payable Manager and Mr. Omar Al Yassi, the Senior General Accounts Manager. The delegation was composed of Mr. Maged Al Shamsi, the Finance Director and Mr. Mohammed Al Ghafli, the Manager of Accounts Receivable and Government Deposits Unit.
The delegation commended the financial procedures being applied through the new system, confirming their Department's willingness to provide all support if so required. At the end of visit, souvenirs were provided for the visiting delegation and both sides emphasized the importance to exchange visits among governmental departments, as a way to focus efforts and promote partnership within all bodies and departments so as to raise the government performance up to the highest level of quality.