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Dubai Customs Hosts Delegation from Dubai Municipality to View Best Knowledge Management Practices 


Headed by Maryam Ahmed Bin Fahad, Director of Knowledge Management Department, a delegation from Dubai Municipality visited Dubai Customs to get introduced to their Knowledge Management practices. The visiting delegation included Huda Aziz Mubarak, Head of the Document and Records Section, Amina Mohammed Bashir, Head of Studies & Knowledge Resources Section, Fatima Al Badwawi, Head of Knowledge Exchange Section, Hamda Al Murr Al Muhairy, Head of Planning & Development Office, Adel Abdul- Karim Mohammed, Chief Knowledge Officer, and Muna Al-Ali, Knowledge Exchange Officer. Representing Dubai Customs, Hussam Juma Mohammed, Director of Business Process Department, as well as Ali Al Barghouthi, Senior Business Architect, and Ali Abu Quta, an administrator received this delegation.

During the meeting, Hussam Juma Mohammed warmly welcomed the visiting delegation, and then comprehensively explained DC’s best knowledge management practices. The concepts of knowledge management were also introduced to the delegation, highlighting how such concepts help DC to realize its vision and become the world’s leading customs department supporting legitimate trade. 

Maryam Bin Fahad, Dubai Municipality’s Knowledge Management Director, pointed out that the purpose of this visit is to learn the best knowledge management practices applied in Dubai Government, benefit from DC’s expertise in this field, and recognize the knowledge management strategy and methodology adopted at one of Dubai’s most outstanding governmental institutions.
Using the website of knowledge management, Ali Al Barghouthi made a presentation on DC’s achievements in knowledge management, addressing the concept of knowledge, knowledge management strategy,  mechanism to restrict implicit and explicit knowledge, determination of knowledge requirements, enforced mechanisms to plug the knowledge gap, aiming at enriching knowledge stock.

The visiting delegation also viewed the Enterprise Connected View Web Portal, and was briefed on the merits of the Enterprise Architecture, which helps DC’s departments to view all operations and services as well as DC’s organizational structure, and how such practice contributes to the decision making process. The latest  systems developed by Dubai Customs were also presented, including corporate capability, corporate change, decision making systems.

By the end of the meeting, Hussam Mohammed thanked Dubai Municipality’s for their visit. While, the visiting delegation expressed their admiration for the technological and corporate development achieved by Dubai Customs. The delegation members also thanked the officials of DC’s Knowledge management project for their generous help and warm welcome,  along with all the information provided.