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Dubai Customs organizes a workshop on the “Single Window” Portal in cooperation with the Federal Customs Authority  

 ​Dubai Customs held a specialized workshop in cooperation with the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) on the import and export of restricted products via the “the single window “portal. The Portal was first developed by FCA in order to enable traders to complete all their customs transactions through a one-stop facility.

The FCA lecturers gave a detailed presentation to DC experts on the role of the UAE’s customs agencies in verifying the validity of permits issued by authorities concerned with export and import of restricted commodities. They have also highlighted the latest information that customs experts must possess while dealing with the “single window” portal in order to verify and match the descriptions of the restricted items with the issued export and import permits.

Moreover, general remarks were made upon the fundamental benefits of the “single window” system in facilitating trade by unifying entities that traders need to deal with via this portal.