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Customs Cases Department at DC visits Abu Dhabi Customs 

Members of the Customs Cases and Investigation Department at Dubai Customs paid a visit on 25th of September 2014 to Abu Dhabi Customs, with the aim of exchanging experiences in customs cases and investigation procedures, and learning about Abu Dhabi Customs’ applied work mechanisms and electronic systems. The delegation comprised Taha Al Suwaidi, Director of Customs Cases and Investigation Department, Saif Salem Al Suwaidi, Manager of Marine and Jebel Ali Investigation Section, Mohammed Khalifa Ibrahim, Marine Investigation Team Leader, and the Legal Researcher Yousef Yaseen Humaid.
 The Dubai Customs delegation was received by Abu Dhabi Customs’ officials, including Sultan Al Shakili, Head of Legal Affairs, Mohammed Mubarak Al Marikhi, Head of Customs Investigation Section, Osama Al Husani, Head of Risks Section, Abdullah Al Muhairi, Senior Investigation Analyst, Yehia Al Tahiri, and Mrs Arwa Al Faroui, Senior Legal Researcher.

Sultan Al Shakili welcomed the visiting delegation and listened to a detailed presentation by Taha Al Suwaidi, regarding the nature of customs cases and the investigation techniques used in smuggling cases and customs violations. Al Suwaidi also showcased Dubai Customs achievements in employee training, and talked about the Customs Cases Diploma, supervised by the department, and the Customs Investigation Diploma, overseen by  Dubai Judicial Institute.
Taha Al Suwaidi also explained in detail their techniques to destroy prohibited goods, particularly articles of witchcraft and sorcery. Moreover, Saif Salem Al Suwaidi spoke about the applied investigation approach at investigation sections in DC.
On the other hand, Sultan Al Shakili noted “The visit is in line with our commitment to enhance cooperation with all government departments in the country, in a bid to boost integration and achieve shared interests.
Al Shakili stressed the importance of exchanging experiences in such visits. He further noted that Dubai Customs, in the light of the high volume of inbound and outbound goods to/from Dubai, is faced with a difficult challenge.
At the end of the visit, the two sides exchanged trophies.