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DC Technical Support Department Discusses Means of Cooperation With Dubai Municipality Gemstone Laboratory 

A delegation from Dubai Customs set out in a visit to Dubai Municipality Gemstone Laboratory, to be introduced to the best practices used in the field of gemstones and precious metals detection devices. The laboratory is mainly concerned with monitoring and ensuring the quality of gemstones via the implementation of quality monitoring and assurance. In addition, it provides inspection services and utilizes best means and techniques in analysing processes, ensuring compliance with international standards. 
The DC delegation was headed by Mr. Adel Al Suwaidi, Director of Technical Support Department, and comprised Mr. Jamal bin Dismal, Manager of Command and Control Section, along with Mr. Majid Sa’id Dalmuk, Khalid Majid, Mr. Dahi Musabih, and Mr. Khalid Al Hammadi. The DC delegation was received by Ms. Aisha Al Mazrouei, Gemstones Expert at Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL). During the visit, the delegation was introduced to the major services provided by the laboratory, including testing the purity of gold, silver and platinum in jewelleries, official hallmark of gold, silver and platinum jewelleries and testing of diamond, coloured stones and pearl.