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Customs Training Center receives a delegation from the Securities and Commodities Authority  



The Customs Training Center received a delegation from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), headed by Yousef Al Wahabi, Manager of the Training Center at SCA. The visit was aimed at exploring best practices in areas of training and development.

The delegation was received by Dr Abdul Wahab Al Madani, Director of the Training Center Department, who described in detail the role the Customs Training Center plays to build the capacity and knowledge of employees, the Training Plan 2014, partners, current and future projects, occupational diplomas, Dubai Educational Attainment Program, Oracle program used at the centre, the centre’s local and international accreditation procedures, and the awards given by national and international entities to the centre since its establishment in November 2012. 

At the end of the visit, the delegation toured the facilities of the Training Center and the two parties exchanged memorial gifts. The meeting was attended by Khaled Al Suwaidi, Manager of Training Center Services, Dr Shaikha Al Gafri, Senior Manager Training Center, and Sami Al Kiswani, Senior Specialist Training.