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Dubai Customs delegation visits the Command & Control Centre at Dubai Police General Headquarters 

A Dubai Customs delegation visited the Command & Control Centre at the Dubai Police General Headquarters on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 within the framework of sharing experiences and conducting benchmarking with government departments in all fields. The visit was coordinated by the Government Partnership Section at the Corporate Communication Department.
Dubai Customs delegation included Mr Rashid Saif Al Dabah, Director of Technical Support Department, Mr Jamal bin Dasmal, Command & Control Section Manager, Mr Dahi Musbah, Development Senior Officer, and Mr Safwan Al Suwaidi, Government Partnership Senior Officer.
The delegation was received by Lieutenant Colonel Arif Murshid, On-Duty Operations Manager, First Lieutenant Abdul Basit Mohammed Al Amoudi, Head of Training Unit, System Management and Cameras Section, First Lieutenant Mahmood Khair Allah Ahmad, Manager of External Partnership Section, and First Lieutenant Khalid Ahmed Hasan, Manager of Camera Unit at the Dubai police General Headquarters.
At the beginning, Dubai Police officials welcomed the delegation and stressed on the importance of achieving active communication, cooperation and connection between government departments in Dubai to realize and serve joint interests and take advantage of most prominent experiences and best practices applied in the business field.
During the meeting, the delegation learned about best practices implemented by Dubai Police, represented by the Command & Control Department, in the area of emergencies and disasters. They were briefed on the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the department, in addition to the review processes and procedures and the duties, responsibilities and jurisdictions of officers and organizational units officials. They learned about how to utilize IT, how to measure the department’s performance in responding to emergency situations and the models implemented by the department in its transactions.
They also talked about the mechanism of tracking police vehicles and traffic patrols through satellite and the mechanism to monitor their surroundings through a video camera that is fixed at these cars and is connected to the Command and Control Room to analyze and examine what goes on instantly.
Dubai Customs delegation toured the sections of the Command & Control Room and was given an idea about the hardware and software used for surveillance cameras, tracking criminals programs, emergency programs, general search programs and the locations of surveillance cameras in the Dubai Police General Headquarters.