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Dubai Customs welcomes delegation from Ministry of Interior  

The Suggestions & Complaints Section of the Strategy & Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs received a delegation from the Complaints & Suggestions Department at the Ministry of Interior. The visit was aimed at sharing experiences among the parties to help develop their suggestions management systems.
Mr. Hussain Fardan, Manager of Suggestions & Complaints Section at DC, made a presentation to the visiting delegation, headed by Major Mohammed Ismail Al Harmoudi, Head of Complaints and Suggestions Department at the Ministry of Interior. The presentation highlighted DC’s experience in putting in place an effective suggestions system that earned it many certificates and awards from leading international organisations in the field.
Mr. Fardan stressed the importance of urging employees to innovate. He emphasised the importance of implementing top world-class criteria in developing the system to increase the revenue incurred from the implementation of suggestions and meet international prerequisites for major ideas and suggestions awards worldwide.  ​