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A delegation from Customs Training Centre at Dubai Customs has visited Dubai Police Academy 

A delegation from Customs Training Centre at Dubai Customs on Tuesday, 10th, 2013, has visited Dubai Police Academy. The visit was organized by Government Partnership Section- Corporate Communication Department
The delegation was headed by Ms/ Feryal Tawakul, Director of Customs Training Centre, accompanied by Mr/ Khalid AL-Suwaidi, Manager of Supporting Service at Training Centre, Abdullah AL-Arrah, Manager of Inspectors Training Centre and Safwan AL-Suwaidi, Senior Officer of Government Partnership 
The visiting delegation was received by Major Genera: Dr/ Mr/ Mohammed Ahmed bin Fahad, Director of Dubai Police Academy, Lieutenant Colonel: Fawzia Mahmoud Ahmed Mohammed ALMulla, Director of Public Relations Department, Lieutenant Colonel: Dr/ Tariq AL-Hashimi, Head of Criminal Applications at Management Applications Legal & Police Department, Majo: Dr/ Ahmed AL Sabosi, Director of Law and Police Sciences College and Major: Ahmed Abass AL Jasmi, Head of Personnel at Training Institute  
During the meeting, mutual subject matters were discussed between Dubai Customs and Dubai Police Academy, including matters relevant to the training of Customs inspectors on the latest advanced techniques which serve to improve their high security sense and hence contributing to improve inspectors’ competencies. The discussion also touched on matters related to upgrading comprehensive military training courses for newly joining inspectors, besides, teaching them to acquire military and police skills with aim of keeping them updated with changes and expertizing themselves on Customs activities to enable them acquiring more essential competencies and dealing in situations with all related Customs matters. Ms/ Feryal Tawakul emphasized on necessity of consistently developing overall inspection methodologies with aim of bringing about desired outcomes
 A film show about a candidate life at Dubai Police Academy and Police Library was displayed. It was agreed with the seniors at the Academy to produce a assimilation film of the same for ‘inspector’s life’ in nearly future         
Finally, Ms/ Feryal Tawakul, Director of Customs Training Centre Department thanked those who received the delegation and appreciated the cooperation they sincerely got for supporting services to Dubai Customs and its employees.