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Dubai Customs celebrates UAE Women's Day with health awareness events 


​Within the context of Dubai Customs (DC) keenness to enhance the national strategy for supporting entrepreneurship and empowerment of women in the UAE, launched last year by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of General Women's Union, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood "Mother of the Nation” , for empowerment of Emirati women in the UAE ( 2015-2021) (2015-2021), and in celebration of the UAE women's Day, Dubai customs organized, last Sunday, an awareness event under the slogan "Fitness and health for women."


The event was organized in cooperation between the DC Training Center and the DC Social and Sports Activities Committee, in order to educate DC women employees about the importance of healthy living and healthy food.

Dr. Sheikha Saeed Al-Ghafri, Acting Director of Customs Training Centre Department, said: “Organization of the event comes in the framework of the DC support for the vital and historical role of women, a role that became familiar since the founding of the United Arab Emirates by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan " May Allah rest his soul in peace. " Dr. Al-Ghaferi added: ”The UAE has provided a rich, distinctive ,and pioneering experience in the service of women and family, that comes with the support of ”Mother of the Nation” through her unlimited help for a bright future for the Emirati women. Such help has made the UAE women in a privileged position on the local and international levels."

Today, a number of awareness and health lectures and workshops have been organized, with discussions held on many of the sound food activities and innovative ways on how to preserve the health of women, along with providing meals for healthy food. 

On this occasion, Yousef Ozair Mubarak, head of the sports and social activities committee at Dubai Customs expressed his happiness at the interaction of the employees, the public, and companies with these activities. He pointed out that the audience included employees of the Emirates Association of Volunteers, Dubai Municipality, the School of Federal Police in Sharjah, the health club in Ras Al Khor GYM24, and the healthy food restaurant EAT UP WELL.

Praising the cooperation between all DC departments for the success of the events, Mubarak pointed out that the activities of Women's Health Day included several significant and distinctive health programs. He also explained the correct methods in daily sports exercise, and presented categories of healthy foods that fit each age group, while encouraging employees to adopt healthy habits. On top of such habits are doing exercises and adopting a healthy lifestyle, notably that the DC is keen to provide the necessary awareness for employees through presenting all information relating to health, good nutrition, and methods of proper food. Meanwhile, Mubarak presented a range of exercises that are useful for women's health provided by Brazilian trainer Jessica, her Russian colleague Anna, and Lolo Hamdan, the nutrition expert.

Furthermore, Youssef Ozair honored the companies that collaborated in organizing the activities of Women’s Health Day, expressing his thanks and appreciation for their cooperation with Dubai Customs, and interaction with this national event. Other contributors to the implementation of these events is Anwar Al-Ali, a trainer at Customs Training Centre at Dubai Customs. During these interactive activities, several raffle draws were made on different awards, including vouchers for a package of healthy meals that are provided free of charge with delivery service.