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Government Partnership Team Holds an intradepartmental meeting 


​The Government Partnership Team of the Corporate Communication Department at Dubai Customs, held the second meeting for government partnership coordinators’ representing DC’s various departments with the aim for bringing forward insights and updates on the current status of the government partnership matrix. 


Coordinators’ from Customs Tariff, Passenger Operations of Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3, Air Cargo Operations, Human Resources, Projects Delivery and Administrative affairs department, were present during the meeting. 

Fatma AL Zaabi, Government Partnership Senior Officer, said; “We are currently in a transitional phase towards the implementation of DGEP’s 4th Generation; which makes it imperative to boost government partnership role in order to anchor this drive. The partnership coordinators shall commence their actual responsibilities in the upcoming stage. “ 

Afra Turki, Government Partnership Coordinator also affirmed that the government partnership coordinators’ role is no less that an actual partnership coordinator, hence all government employees within Dubai Customs are part of a one unified matrix towards excellence.