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A Delegation from Land Department Briefed on DC best practices 



Dubai Customs Director, Ahmed Mehboob Musabih, received a delegation from Land Department in Dubai. The delegation’s members have been briefed on the best practices and applications implemented by the Department in the field of administrative affairs.
The visiting delegation included Sheikha Uzair, Director of Administration Department of territories; Nazieh al-Saqqaf, executive purchases and contracts; and Thani al Suwaidi, senior administrative specialist. Delegation’s members were greeted by a number of DC officials, including Khawla al-Sulais, director in charge of Department of Administrative Affairs; Mohammed Busmait, director of Contracts and Procurement; Khaled al Suwaidi, senior director of Services Section; Hind al-Serkal, senior director of Property Department; Lubna al-Rahma, senior director of Engineering Projects Department; Mohammed Hammad, director of Contracts Section; Awatef al-Halian, senior director of Excellence and Strategy in the Human, Financial and Administrative Resources Sector; Muhammad Abu al-Khair, director of Special Projects; Ali bin Tamim, director of Health and Safety Section; Mona Badr, director of Unit Suppliers Affairs; Mona al-Marzouki, Assets Management Officer.
The visit comes in the context of achieving the objectives of Dubai Customs strategic plan for the transfer of knowledge, exchange experiences, and share them with other institutions to serve the public interest and for the benefit of Dubai Customs’ officials in general, and employees of financial department in particular.
During the visit, the team of the DC administrative department delivered presentation on the department’s sections and functions assigned to each section, applicable regulations and mechanisms. All inquiries raised by the delegation’s members have been answered, as well as the exchange of information and knowledge between the two parties. Meanwhile, the two sides stressed the importance of mutual visits between people of the same specialization in government agencies to ensure cooperative efforts and achieve the desired integration among departments and institutions of the Government of Dubai.
At the end of the visit, the delegation of Land Department congratulated Dubai Customs for winning five awards at the Dubai Award for Government Excellence program.