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A Delegation from Customs Training Center Visits Dubai Police Academy's Training Center 


On Wednesday, April 20th 2016, a delegation from Customs Training Center visited the Training Center of Dubai Police Academy in order to get introduced to the best practices in security programs that gain the attention of both bodies.
Col Nasser Al Zari, Director of the Training Center at Dubai Police Academy highlighted the Center's 2016 security plan and the strategic objectives.
Dr. Shaikha Al Ghafri, Acting Director of the Customs Training Center praised the strong partnership between Dubai Customs and Dubai Police Academy, stressing the necessity to launch Basic and refreshing security programs for inspectors and inspection managers in 2016.
The meeting was attended by Col al Haj from Dubai Police Academy, Mrs. Asmaa Ahmad, Senior Manager of Training Programs, and Mr. Anwer Abdel Rahim, Trainer.