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DC Technical Support Department Discusses Cooperation with the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation 

​A delegation from Dubai Customs Technical Support Department visited the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) in Abu Dhabi. The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences and best practices applied which would benefit Dubai Customs works. The visit also aimed at achieving coordination between DC and FANR with regard to organizing the mechanism of registration and licensing of inspection devices of the DC at the authority as the body concerned with issuing licenses of the devices which release radiation during use.
The  DC delegation, received by Mr. Raed al-Aledailha, Aida al-Shehhi, and Shaima Sinani, included Engineer Khaled Majed al-Shamsi; director of services and technical development section; Mr. Wahid al-Mullah, head of technical development division.
On this occasion, Engineer Adel al-Suwaidi, director of technical support said, ”the visit comes within the administration's strategy to expand the scope of cooperation with relevant governmental and non-governmental authorities to enhance joint work with them, and strengthen cooperation with those authorities to benefit from their experience in dealing with devices and radiation emitting from them.” He went on as saying, ”we, at Dubai customs, seek to provide a suitable and comfortable working environment for the staff, notably the inspectors who deal with inspection devices at various customs centers in order to make them happy and to provide protection and security for all.”