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Dubai Customs briefs delegation of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation on stimulating creativity and innovation mechanisms 



Dubai Customs received delegation from the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation in a standard visit to see the best practices followed in suggestions systems and mechanisms to stimulate creativity and innovation, given the outstanding performance of the Department, and the numerous awards it obtained during the year 2015, which amounted to 35 local, regional, and international awards.
This visit came as an achievement of Dubai Customs’ objectives of strategic plan for the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences, and sharing them with institutions and departments  in a way that serves the public interest and the aspects of joint cooperation between the Department and other institutions.
During the meeting, Mr. Hussain Al Fardan, Director of the Department of Suggestions and Complaints, reviewed the importance of applying the critical ideas through the experimental application in one of DC sectors, and then  applying them to other sectors. He stated that this comes in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, may Allah protect him, that ”the greatest risk is not to run the risk.”
Fardan explained during his speech the difference between ideas, creativity, and innovation, and discussed the vision of Dubai Customs and mission; including the DC values associated with motivation, creativity, and innovation.
In turn, Mrs. Asmaa Ahmed, director of the DC Section of Employees Relations in the Human Resources Department, has shed the light on the policy of rewards and incentives adopted by the Department to encourage and motivate its outstanding employees. In this respect, she indicated at the types of granting bonuses, and how they contribute to support and stimulate the career staff to make more of an effort and upgrading the functional duties, so as to enhance the working environment and pay more attention towards innovation.
For its part, the visiting delegation has highly praised the suggestions and practices followed by Dubai Customs in the work of customs systems, which are made in accordance with clear-cut methodology and strategy. Moreover, the delegation praised the creativity and innovation plans adopted by the DC, praising the acquiring of Dubai Customs of 35 awards at last year, which added value to its track record.