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Dubai Customs’ Finance Department Hosts AAA Delegation to View Employee Motivation Mechanisms 



DC's Finance Department hosted a delegation from Accountants & Auditors Association to review the accounting and auditing training courses and programs, aiming to strengthen the role, and raise the proficiency level of DC's Finance Department team.
In line with DC's strategic objectives, this visit was intended to exchange and share knowledge and expertise with other institutions for the public interests. Such meetings are in favor of customs employees in general and finance employees in particular.
Mohammad Al Hashmi, Finance Director at Dubai Customs, highlighted the importance to carry out creative and innovative approaches in the Finance Department, motivate employees for self-development through training courses, strengthen employee's accounting and auditing-related skills, and create an ideal environment where employees can work passionately, happily, and creatively.
Al Hashmi also stated that DC is keen to provide all the training services employees may need in order to develop their potentials in the accounting and financial sector, in accordance with the world's top practices and standards. This is an added value to DC, that contributes to achieving its strategic objectives.
On his part, Mr. Anis Al Shamli, Executive Director of the Association of Accountants and Auditors, asserted that the Association's primary objective is to exert ultimate efforts with the relevant entities to set standards for accounting and auditing sector within the UAE. Also, proposing new regulations for this sector, and promote awareness about the standards of ethical and professional behavior among our members.
Al Shamli added that AAA seeks a future cooperation with Dubai Customs in order to provide the Finance Department team with training courses, programs, and initiatives that can help them promoting their distinctive capabilities. He then highlighted that DC's Finance Department follows a crystal-clear strategic approach based on the creativity and innovation plans approved by DC.