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Department of Government Partnership & Corporate Societal Responsibility (CSR) holds a meeting in Coordination with the Partnership Coordinators at the Authority Departments 



In an attempt to achieve dynamic and professional positively value-added partnerships that would enhance the work system in the authority, Department of Government Authority and & Corporate Societal Responsibility (CSR) at Dubai Customs has held a meeting in coordination with the partnership coordinators at all departments of the authority. The meeting has been held on Thursday, 12 April 2016, in order to clarify the tasks entrusted to the partnership coordinator, and his duties and obligations to fulfill the requirements of the Societal Partnership Department.
Ms. Fatima Al Zaabi, Government Partnership Senior Officer, has displayed the strategy of Government Partnership & Corporate Societal Responsibility Department, represented by the establishment of various connection channels among the authority and other governmental entities, and the cooperation with other sectors in respect of the current and predictable partnerships, which aim to add a value on the daily work procedures.
Ms. Al Zaabi has focused on the objectives of the coordinative meeting, represented by identifying the role and mission of Government Partnership, in addition to identifying the coordinators and explaining their coordinative instruments.
The presentation has also clarified the partnership stages which represent nine main elements, including, identifying partnership future opportunities, collecting the departments requests related to the Partnership, the internal initial meeting, communicating with partners, holding meetings, minutes of meeting, or memorandums of understanding, executing, following-up, and achieving effective results.
 Moreover, she has pointed out that the best partnership coordinator in all departments shall be honored next year in the annual honoring ceremony of partners. The selection will depend on several criteria, including fulfilling the requirements of the Partnership Department, attending the meetings regularly, submitting all documents, reports, and information related to the common projects to the Partnership Department regularly, and finally sticking to the models of the Government Partnership Department.