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A delegation from Pharmacy Department at Health Authority visits Airport Operations Department  

Within the framework of mutual cooperation and collaboration between Dubai Customs and its strategic partners, enhancement of future bilateral cooperation and as part of Dubai Customs keenness on continually contributing to social initiatives, Airport Operations Department at Dubai Customs has received a delegation from Dubai Health Authority to get acknowledged about the confiscated pharmaceutical items (restricted and prohibited) that seized by the department at airports from some passengers on arrival. The visit also can benefit to promote the campaign which has recently been launched by Dubai Health Authority under the theme “Clean your medicine cabinet” with  disposing off expired medication in line with international safety guidelines.  The visit also comes within a step towards exchanging expertise and boosting bilateral cooperation 
The delegation members included Mr/ Ali ALSayed Hussain- Director of Pharmacy Department, Mr/ Mohammed Sameh Ali- Head of Pharmacy Section at Rashid Hospital, Miss/ Reem Abdu el Raouf ALSayed- Head of Pharmacy Section at Dubai Hospital, Mrs/ Nada Ameeri- Head of Pharmacy Section at Latifa Hospital, Mrs/ Mai ALAisi- Head of Quality and Development Section, Mrs/ Maha Naseef- Senior Pharmacist 
The visiting delegation was received by the parties from Dubai Customs, Mr/ Khalid Ahmed- Senior Manager of Airport Operation T1, Mr/ Ibrahim Ali ALKamli- Manager of Airport Operations T3 along with the attendance of team leaders and heads from different related sections at Airport Operations Department
Mr/ Khalid Ahmed welcomed the delegation members and thanked them for this visit. During the visit, the subject matters of Dubai Health Authority mechanism for destroying medicines and illegal entry of medicines by passengers to the UAE were discussed. Mr/ Ibrahim ALKamali during the meeting suggested that a mechanism process should be designed for referring medicines which confiscated at Airport Operations Department to the competent departments at Dubai Health Authority to identify illegal medication for the purpose of extermination and donating valid medication which is in good condition to the benefit of charitable medication campaigns which organized by Dubai Health Authority.
Dr/ Ali ALSayed, stressed on the importance of setting out a mutual mechanism to coordinate cooperation between Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Customs in matters related to the medications which confiscated from passengers and a method for dispensing and disposing off medications
Finally, Mr/ Khalid Ahmed ALSayed and Ibrahim ALKamali thanked Dubai Health Authority delegation for the visit, stressing on the importance of communication, cooperation and interaction amongst entire government departments across the Emirate of Dubai and promoting effective interaction amongst them to the public welfare and benefiting from best experiments and best practices applicable in the field of work.