Good corporate governance is a cornerstone of strong business performance. That is why; we at Dubai Customs committed ourselves to demonstrate and maintain good corporate governance in many ways. We strive to be transparent with and responsive to our stockholders while managing the organization for long-term success. We communicate with our stockholders through reports, press releases and other formats. We meet frequently with stockholders to discuss governance, financial, environmental, social and policy issues.

Corporate Governance aims to guarantee achieving the organization’s strategic goals effectively through:
  • Clarifying and simplify taking decisions and addressing responsibilities processes through applying clear rules and policies.
  • Improving service quality and related performance mentoring.
  • Enhancing the quality of the organization’s internal systems in order to reach best results.
  • Applying fairness and transparency.


Business Ethics & Code Conduct

We at Dubai Customs have a long-standing commitment to abide by the law wherever we operate and determined to sustain a high standard of business and personal ethics. Dubai Customs has long promoted a culture in which integrity and ethical conduct are recognized, respected and demonstrated by our employees. We developed the Dubai Customs Code of Conduct to help our employees understand and maintain our high standard of business and personal ethics.
The Code, which is available to all employees through our company Intranet and Website, sets forth the legal and ethical standards with which our employees are expected to comply. The Code requires our employees to report immediately any suspected violation of those standards. We promote the Code to Dubai Customs employees through a variety of means, which include various operating company-level communications, as well as printed materials. We also provide appropriate training to our employees on a wide range of compliance and ethics topics.