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People of determination are an integral part of the Dubai Customs work system and society at large. In its strategic plan Dubai Customs adopted empowerment of people of determination as a key part of its workforce. The organization has provided all resources and requirements to enable these individuals and give them a fair chance to serve their community and their nation through an inclusive, disability-friendly workplace environment. Dubai Customs website is equipped with latest tools making it easily accessible to persons with disabilities.

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Our Accountability
Our Environmental Accountability
Dubai Customs’ primary objective is to ensure provision of services that consistently meet customer requirements and expectations. Secondary objectives are to reduce the risk of pollution arising through our processes and commit to recycling and using recycled materials wherever possible. To assist in achieving this objective we utilize a quality management system consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 which is continually monitored and reviewed for its applicability and effectiveness through a programme of internal auditing, management review and the analysis of performance against a set of predefined objectives.
Our Social Accountability
Dubai Customs, in accordance with its vision & mission, is committed to manage its activities in an ethical manner and to continuously improve the conditions of service of its employees and the life of the community it serves.
Dubai Customs believes human resources are its main base, accordingly decided to implement a comprehensive social accountability system for managing ethical workplace conditions and shall strive to continuously improve its social performance concentrating on the following areas:
Health and safety: In providing its services, Dubai Customs seeks to preserve the Occupational Health & Safety of its employees and clients through the adoption of global best practices with regard to the procedures and systems of work. In this area, Dubai Customs works on and is involved in the responsibility and the creation of safe and healthy working environment and conservation through innovation and continuous improvement of services.
Our Employees: At Dubai Customs we acknowledge that the foundation to our success is our employees. Each member of staff has a structured training and development programme and personal development plan based on their individual requirements and aspirations. We mentor and encourage development and training, to include qualifications and other external accreditations. We offer a comprehensive flexible benefits scheme to all employees, which includes private healthcare, reward schemes, childcare, pensions, scholarships for education and many others.
Our Customers and Service Responsibility
As a part of its continual effort to improve the provided services to its clients with consistent and high quality, and to maintain the leadership by providing locally and internationally distinguished projects and services, Dubai Customs has launched the Client Service Charter, to enhance the importance of providing improved and monitored level of services.
Our Community
We are active in the community, particularly with regard to Charity Fund Raising and arranging Relief money for the poor and needy. We attempt, wherever possible to work with local suppliers of goods and services for the betterment of the community. We are also supporters and corporate members of many associations and organizations supporting community welfare cause.
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