Social Development

Dubai Customs affirmed that it takes a great interest in social development being one of its strategic objectives abreast with the economic and security responsibilities. The Department works on merging social and environmental aspects in its work as its contributions in this respect had positive implications over the past years. CSR initiatives launched by Dubai Customs included 4 main fields; Community, Environment, Economy and Job Market, all eventually aimed at contributing to the realization of a sustainable development.
Dubai Custom’s commitment to social responsibility through the abovementioned four areas is in line with the policies of the Dubai Government aiming at achieving sustainable development, and maintaining achievements leading positions attained by the emirate in all fields. In this regard, DC has developed its social activities according to the global model of social responsibility, which includes employees labor market, customers and the environment, to improve the performance of DC socially, economically and environmentally, and to enhance its reputation in this area.