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Dubai Customs’ Mass Wedding Committee holds educational courses for newlyweds  

In collaboration with the mass wedding committee in the Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs and Al Nahda Women Association; Dubai Customs is holding a series of awareness courses for employees on the threshold of tying the marital knot. The Successful Marriage Program is due to be held from the 18th to the 22nd of January 2015, at Dubai Customs Training Center ahead of the fourth Mass Wedding of DC employees to be organized on March 8th-9th of this year . A group of elite lecturers, experts and specialists in the fields of sociology and domestic relations will deliver the five-day educational program with the ultimate goal of creating awareness on the rules of forging marital bonds, and ultimately achieving domestic tranquillity. The lectures are set to address a number of issues, including achieving harmonization between parents in raising children, how to deal with marital disputes, personal financial management skills and spousal rights and obligations. Director of the Corporate Communication Department, Mr. Khalil Saqer Bin Gharib, said: “ Organizing of the fourth cycle of the Mass Wedding at Dubai Customs and the second in line with the DNRD comes in line with DC’s commitment to serve the local community in partnership with other government entities.” He further added that the launch of this awareness program for participants in the second cycle of the mass wedding held in collaboration with Al Nahda Women Association in Dubai is geared up toward helping people who are about to get married to be better equipped and prepared to face any issues that they may face along their marital lives.