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Sheikh Sulaiman Al Jubailan delivers a lecture on Love and Loyalty to the Country at Dubai Customs  



On Tuesday evening, His Excellency Sheikh Sulaiman Al Jubailan delivered an Islamic lecture entitled “He Said it, while he was at the top of the Mountain” at Dubai Customs. The lecture was organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department, Corporate Communication, and was attended by a large number of the Authority employees. The title of the lecture was cited from a speech delivered by our Most Honored Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). While Prophet Mohammed was standing at the top of Jabal Thawr located in dignified Makkah and, and was overlooking Makkah, he said: “What a lovely country! It is the nearest to my heart. Unless I had been compelled to leave this country, I would not have left it.”
Sheikh Jubailan has first discussed how essential it is to love, defend, and develop the country. He stressed the point that people should avoid adopting a spendthrift lifestyle or waste the resources of their country, work hard, and exert all the efforts, which would participate in the progress of this generous country. Moreover, the lecturer has focused on the necessity of maintaining business interests, working with a sense of sincerity and devotion , transferring the good image of the establishment where we work, and exerting all efforts to develop it and achieve its vision and strategy in order to reach the utmost level of progress.
During the lecture, Sheikh Jubailan has emphasized the importance of coherence and powerful social and humane relationships among citizens and residents of the country. He has also spoken about the necessity for transferring a good image about our religion and the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to non-Muslims , in order to deliver a message to the world that Islam is a religion of tolerance, affection, and forgiveness.
At the end of the lecture, Dubai Customs has granted Sheikh Sulaiman Al Jubailan a certificate of appreciation for his valuable lecture which was admired by all the audience.