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Dubai Customs Received Certificates of Participation from Ministry of Social Affairs 


Dubai Customs was honoured by The UAE Ministry of Community Development (Previously the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs) for participating in the Emirates Social Awards for the past years (2012 – 2014). The Emirates Social Award was established at the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (14). In 2009, the decree assured the attainment of the award's goals and sectors as well as highlighted nomination terms and conditions for individuals, NGOs, private and government institutions. The objective of the award is to enhance the social responsibility culture and contribute to the spread of the  Social Corporation concept, through recognizing certain styles and active initiatives that support the social services. It aims at encouraging individuals, private and government institutions\companies to provide financial and moral support in the fields of social development and care and highlight the distinctive role of the institution's activities in the field of development and social support, through spreading awareness among the community about the organization's social responsibility.