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Second Round of Al Mandoos Exhibition Organized by Dubai Customs Closes 



In the headquarter of Dubai Customs, the 2nd round of "Al Mandoos" Exhibition, organized by Dubai Customs Ladies Committee from March, 6th to 10th , closed. The Exhibition was attended by DC employees, led by HE Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, the Director of Dubai Customs, and the executive directors.
Al Mandoos Exhibition also celebrated the International Women's Day, corresponding March 8th every year. Maryam Khalifa Al Shamsi, Head of the Ladies Committee at DC, pointed out that: "The exhibition was named as "Al Mandoos", which is the name of an old box where a woman keeps all its objects. In other words, the box includes all women's interests. Through the exhibition, DC aims, with a distinguished UAE touch, to support and urge women to make more achievements and success."  Al Shamsi added that a number of DC female employees participated in the exhibition by selling their own products, including women clothes, accessories, perfumes, beauty and skin care products. The female employees also participated in the food court, along with serving UAE luxurious foods.
Additionally, Al Shamsi asserted the committee keenness to pay attention to all women-oriented events and occasions, whether locally or internationally, in order to support and showcase the role of women. Al Shamsi also stressed the importance of developing the capabilities and strengthen the constructive participation of UAE women in a society that appreciates and admits their talents, promising them to be the happiest around the world. This policy comes in line with persistent efforts exerted by the wise leadership of the UAE to honor and empower women in the state's different sectors, not to mention offering women the opportunity to prove themselves and become the source of pride to its society and the state as a whole.