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Dubai Customs marks World Health Day with vivid health awareness activities  

In celebration of World Health Day that is observed annually on the 7th of April, Dubai Customs today Wednesday 6th April organized a series of educational and awareness activities for DC employees and customers aimed at spreading knowledge and promoting sustainability. This year’s WHD will be marked under the theme ‘Stay Sober and Beat Diabetes’.
The Corporate Social Responsibility Section at Dubai Customs Corporate Communication Department will deliver a brief highlighting the roles and responsibilities of Dubai Customs on monitoring inbound medical products via air, land and sea entry points, as well as DC’s mandate in ensuring adherence to health standards and metrology and making sure these imports do not pose any risk for local pharmaceutical industries.
Furthermore, free medical check-ups will be made available to DC employees across Port Rashid Headquarters, Dubai Airport (DXB) Terminal 3 Customs Center and Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) Customs Center. This undertaking is held  in collaboration with Mediclinic City Hospital. The offered tests package will include levels of sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure,  weight mass and bone mineral density (BMD) besides the dissemination of free consultation coupons to  be used at Mediclinic clinics.
In-kind giveaways and bottled water with printed awareness tips are also presented at the event for all employees and walk-in clients. Awareness brochures covering “Office Workouts” that are advised for maintaining a healthy daily pattern of life will also be handed to all DC staff.
The Intellectual Property Rights Department at Dubai Customs are also contributing to  this special day activities agenda, as they will be hosting a series of events for Dubai Customs employees and the clients alike, including the demonstration of original versus counterfeit food, medical and cosmetic products. The sessions will also educate the audience on the best techniques and tips  for identifying counterfeit products for the sake of ensuring their own personal safety and the public wellbeing at the same level.
The World Health Organization marked this year’s World Health Day (WHD) under two illustrative themes of “Stay Sober and “Beat Diabetes” in a bid to raise global awareness on the sweeping  break-out of this epidemic across many countries and in low and middle income class in particular, which is directly attributed to their health lifestyle and eating behaviour. Worthwhile noting that studies have shown that many types of diabetes can be avoided by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle, which has proved efficient in the protection of or delay of type 2diabetes.