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Dubai Customs Training Center organizes a training course on security inspection for persons with disability 

​In line with  Dubai Customs’ commitment to supporting persons with disability by better engaging them in the society, and in pursuance of the vision of Dubai of becoming  a disability-friendly city; a special training  course was held to better inform and educate DC inspectors with first-hand knowledge on how to deal with persons with disability  at border points. The course also was geared to better enhance inspectors’ capacity in this matter, thus ensuring the disabled are served with the utmost convenience.  Major General Osama Mohammad Mahmoud Salem facilitated the course. He highlighted the concept and conditions of customs inspection and legal measures governing inspection cases in general and the inspection of persons with disability in particular. The course facilitator also covered the guidelines on how to perform inspection of persons with disability, ensuring the highest levels of professionalism. Discussing the consequences of conducting such inspections on the  wellbeing  of persons with disability, he elaborated on how to avoid causing any undesired harm upon using this measure. The workshop then addressed the mechanisms of inspecting the aid gear of persons with disability.
The course concluded with a special emphasis on the imperative need for adhering to the  human rights declarations upon engaging in any act of inspection of persons with special needs and their aids.